Tennis courts fully meet the international competition requirements.

The cost of renting courts:

 1200/2400 RUB per hour

Court surface – “hard”, provides sport shoe soles with higher traction with the court, and thus, decreases the pressure on your knees and ankle-joint.

Surface structure:

  • Reserve coat
  • Top coat without aggregate
  • Four base color coats
  • Two cushion coats
  • Reinforcing mat of poly vinyl chloride
  • Two resurfacers
  • 5-mm cushioning coat
  • Rendering coat
  • Binder
  • Concrete

The professional system of court lighting by Philips, the leader of the industry, totally excludes “blind” zones at the entire height of the court (12 m), in 100 % cases does not blind you when serving and playing, has no negative impact on your vision.

The whole area is equipped with a climate system maintaining the constant temperature of 20+22 C° any time of the year.

Court renting price is 1200 rub/2400 rub per hour.